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SAVING your energy costs

How do we save you energy costs? The answer, and the process, is simple. We use our status as a Premier Broker - one of only 40 in the UK - to negotiate the best possible energy contracts. We use our experience and the direct supply agreements we have with all the electricity and gas suppliers to achieve this. In short, we use our knowledge to get you the best deal and we negotiate with our client's best interests in mind. We make this process as easy as we can for you. Your own dedicated Solo Broker is assigned to your company: no multiple-contacts, no being passed around from telephone to telephone or redirected between departments. Your broker will get to know you, learn about your business and find the best way to help you get the best out of your utility supplier. You'll also get to know them on first name terms.

"We use our Premier Broker negotiating power to find you the best deal on the market and advise you accordingly."
Then, if you give your Solo Broker the go-ahead, they'll do the rest. Once you give your broker permission to talk to your current energy supplier or suppliers, they will organise your initial contract, manage your termination dates and deal with your renewals and new contracts as part of our complete and continuous service.

Our fee is already incorporated into the price quoted to us by the supplier and you pay the supplier directly for the energy contract and they pass our commission on to us. You benefit from not only our experience, expertise, help, advice and market information but also from us handling the full procurement process for you from the start and throughout your contract term.

Simple, Transparent, Easy. Call us right now on 020 8952 0125 to find out just how easy it is for you to get a better gas and electricity deal - and more.
Introducer Programme
The Full Power Utilities Introducer Agent Programme was set up in June 2010. We now have hundreds of introducers, some who introduce many companies per month and some who only occasionally bring us an introduction. All are welcome. For those making the introductions, there are benefits and rewards which we are happy to discuss on a one to one basis, but more importantly you will be showing your own contacts and clients that you can be an added value service to them. For the client being introduced, they will have the confidence that their introducer knows us and already trusts us, based on our professionalism and skill in negotiating.

Our introducers include accountancy firms wanting to help their own clients, organisations and institutions that want to help their members and sales people who are constantly meeting the same buyers that we want to meet. If you would like us to help any contacts you have, please enquire.
Full Powering Britain
Working in collaboration with various types of industry, Full Power Utilities has developed specialisms in many fields. Full Powering Cricket ... Full Powering Vets ... Full Powering Auto are just three of the sectors where Full Power Utilities works with trade / professional and sports bodies to help their members. Helping vets with their utility contracts results in Full Power Utilities contributing to the professional body's Educational Trust. A valuable income stream their member vets are happy to support.
Helping sports clubs keep their overheads down with inexpensive utility contracts allows them to spend more on equipment. Helping the sports clubs' own members' companies / employers with their bills, produces a revenue for the sports club from Full Power Utilities. Every type of business and organisation uses electricity, most use gas too and they need to keep their costs down. Full Power Utilities is happy to collaborate and share our income with these professional and sports bodies.
Benefits of ARMA
The benefits of ARMA ENERGY; EVERYTHING plus AN EXTRA 'ARMA' SUPPLIER just for ARMA Members.
After a selection process in early 2017, ARMA confirmed Full Power Utilities Ltd as their partner to deliver the ARMA ENERGY initiative to members for their clients' gas and electricity contracts.
  • Full power takes financial responsibility if meters we manage for you fall onto defualt rates; we refund the loss.
  • If a client meter for which FPU is responsible falls onto default rates through FPU's oversight, then FPU indemnifies the client for the difference between the new contract rate that is eventually struck by FPU and the high default rate for the entire period when the client was on the default rate. As a managing agent, this gives you/your client security and confidence.
ARMA Energy Basket
  • Prices specific to ARMA for your clients.
  • We are offering members the benefit of a bulk discount scheme on energy packages.
  • Lower prices for members' clients.
  • Members maintain their own terms of buying, e.g. BACS, periods of billing etc.
  • Organise Co-terminus end dates, familiar with credit / dormant company issues, Section 20 experts, VAT rate issues etc.
  • Full market comparison for your clients' confidence; On pricing the member's portfolio into the 'basket', FPU will simultaneously price the individual member's own portfolio across the entire market to ensure that the 'basket' price is the best at that time. This means you get the best of both worlds.
  • Member access to a unique ARMA 'basket' with specific advantageous pricing for members.
ARMA Broker Service
  • Broker service to members who do not currently use a broker.
  • De-risk your work. FPU will professionally manage your portfolio, perform a full market search of rates which members have little time to do, avoid out of contract rates, check the VAT, etc.
  • Demonstrate improved professionalism of your company as a managing agent.
  • FPU's fees are recovered from the supplier, not the managing agent. They are incorporated into the contract that has been agreed as a management fee.
  • The ARMA member will be offered bill validation services by FPU. The level of complexity required by the member will dictate the level of cost incurred by the member.
  • Reduce workload and admin. FPU takes a member's portfolio, organises it, takes it to market, aims for a portfolio co-terminus end date, implements the selected deal and manages it for you.
  • Total end to end support by FPU.
What to do next if you are interested in ARMA ENERGY
  • Call Full Power Utilities on 020 8952 0125 quoting ARMA ENERGY. Please ask for Jason Miller or Michele Jaeger.